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Aquarium Manual Siphon Cleaner Suction Tool


Looking for a suitable suction pump to clean your aquarium tank which is both safe and affordable? Check this Manual Siphon Cleaner Suction Tool out! It is 100% manual, so it is perfectly safe for regular usage (water and electricity is a dangerous combo!). Now, you can easily and safely clean your aquarium tank without all the fuss and hassle!


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Item specifics:
  • Type: Aquarium accessory tool
  • Material: Plastic
  • Length of Soft Pipe: 40.55 inches/103cm
  • Weight: Approx. 75g
  • Color: The Suction Inlet color may be White/Green/Red/Black/Random.
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  • Easy to use and clean your aquarium
  • Press the pump to pump out the dirty water.
  • Cleans gravel, siphons the fish excreta and other dirt out effectively.
  • Removable sifter keeps small fish and gravel from being siphoned out.
  • The tube is long enough and flexible – highly convenient to use.
  • Perfect cleaning tool for the aquarium or tank

How to use:

  1. Place the suction inlet of the suction pipe into the fish tank
  2. Be sure suction pipe’s outlet is below the fish tank’s height
  3. Keep pressing blue airbag, stop pressing when the water flows out
  4. Control as necessary


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