Pen Through Dollar Bill Magic Trick – Easy To Learn


This magic is easy to learn and mastered. Impress your friend with this powerful trick!

Continue reading as the secret of this magic will be revealed below.

  • This trick can be done with any dollar bill. For greater impact, you would borrow a 10 or 50 dollar note from your friend and tell them you’re gonna poke a hole on their money!
  • Great for the bar or clubbing scene, and definitely a good ice breaker when meeting someone new.
  • Check below video that revealed the secret of how it’s being done.
  • Practice, go out there and impress your friends!
  • Package include: 1 x Magic Pen

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Here’s how the magic pen works.

The Secret Revealed!

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Item specifications:
  • Material: Paper and Wood
  • Type: Close-up Magic Trick set
  • Gender & Age: Unisex & Suitable for Age 5 upwards
  • Features: Easy To Do Street/Stage Magic
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